NAUITECH has Landed in Colombia

After a total of 21 training days ~ five new NAUI Helitrox Divers and a NAUI ICC in progress to become NAUI Instructor shortly after.


For quality and safety we worked with two groups separately for 10 days each.


Both teams did a great job, and we achieved our objectives. They got their NAUITECH Intro To Tech / Technical Decompression & Helitrox Diver certification; a new qualification that will allow them to go for exiting challenges.


I appreciate having the privilege that they have chosen and entrusted NAUI and Argentina Diving Training Center to develop them through this stage.



Thank you very much Deibis Seguro for your support from the first day you decided and felt the need to embark on this, all the blending worked out perfect. Thank you for your humility and great professionalism. We have to keep thanking because this engine can’t spin alone.


There are always more people behind who get involved and push, thank you NAUI CD Jorge Martinez for your trust and support.


Last but not least, NAUI CD Jaime Riveros from Arrecifes del Pacifico, Cali, for attracting divers to look in to technical diving with NAUITECH programs.




Now let’s congratulate and welcome our new tech divers from Colombia: Camilo, Jaime, Darío, Esteban, Hector (from Argentina) and Deibis (Assisting, support and blending).




This just begun! Welcome all aboard! . . .


Photos Provided by: Ivone Bender, NAUI #58453 & Dani Millikovsky, NAUI #30750