Cleaning the Seabed of Naxos and Taormina ~ Organized by Divesicily


With great pleasure I, Roberto Baraldi, report the success obtained in the day of cleaning the seabed of Naxos and Taormina organized by Divesicily (NAUI # AF1271) of Giardini Naxos and Taormina, Messina, Italy. Attended by all the diving schools and diving centers of the area including: cultural associations as Legambiente, the team of divers from the military base of Sigonella (to which the municipality of Giardini Naxos has donated a plaque) and various voluntary associations.

Everything took place in total safety, means of support at sea even when the conditions were not the best. We managed to collect about a ton of material including thousands of glass bottles, old car tires, ferrous materials and icing on the cake, a water heater!


The operation ended at around 1:00 pm with souvenir photos and diplomas of participation from the municipality to associations. Gadgets were offered by companies in the underwater sector such as Scubapro and NAUI Italy.


A maxi barbecue offered by the organizer to end the day in style with the hope of doing much more next year. With thanks for the precious collaboration from Divesicily.