NAUI Brasil PSD ~ In Action


The team of instructors who are specialized in Public Safety Diving from NAUI Brazil, taught a special course for 20 firefighters and divers from the Military Fire Department of the State of Santa Catarina, located in the south of Brazil.  There were 8 intense days of training inside the headquarters of the 7th Battalion of the CBMSC, in the City of Itajaí, refining the already refined techniques of the noble rescuers. In the end, all received their NAUI Public Safety Diver certificates.  The first public safety diving course in Brazil took place in 2011, and in this last course in Santa Catarina, it accomplished a first for Brazil: the first three women trained in PSD NAUI.



Instructor Team:
-Alvanir S. Oliveira “Jornada” NAUI CD #19845L, ex. member of the Scientific Police of the State of São Paulo
-Marco Antonio Martha NAUI CD#32748, former member of the São Paulo State Military Fire Brigade
-Elton Moura NAUI#40768, former member of the Pernambuco State Military Fire Brigade
-Wenderson Marcelino NAUI#60181, member of the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Minas Gerais

The next PSD course is scheduled to take place during the XVII NAUI Mercosur International Diving Leaders Meeting, in August, in the city of Jundiaí SP.


Photo Credits:  Alvanir S. Oliveira “Jornada”