Leading by Example: NAUI’s Finest, Bozanic, Akins, and Gatacre, Receive Renowned 2024 NOGI Awards

NAUI is proud to announce that three of our distinguished instructors – Jeff Bozanic, Ph.D., Lad Akins, and Jim Gatacre – have been honored with the esteemed 2024 NOGI Awards by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS).

Jeff Bozanic, Ph.D., an expert in Sports/Education, Lad Akins, a renowned figure in the field of Environment, and Jim Gatacre, recognized for Distinguished Service, have each made significant contributions to the diving community, embodying the highest standards of excellence and expertise that NAUI Worldwide advocates and instills in its instructors.

NAUI is immensely proud of Jeff, Lad, and Jim for their remarkable achievements and for being recognized with the NOGI Awards, the most prestigious accolade in the recreational diving world. Their dedication to advancing diving education, safety, and environmental stewardship reflects the core values and rigorous training standards that NAUI stands for. They serve as exemplary role models for our entire NAUI community.

The NOGI Awards, bestowed annually by the AUAS, acknowledge individuals who have significantly contributed to the sport, the industry, and the underwater world in five categories: Arts, Science, Environment, Sports/Education, and Distinguished Service. The announcement of our instructors as recipients highlights the exceptional quality of NAUI-trained professionals in the global diving arena.

The awards will be presented at the 2024 NOGI Awards Gala and Banquet, scheduled for November 20, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, during DEMA 2024.

NAUI Worldwide continues to lead in innovative diver education and is committed to fostering a culture of safety, exploration, and environmental conservation. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Jeff, Lad, and Jim on this outstanding achievement.

For more on the NOGI Award and the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, you can visit https://www.auas-nogi.org/.

For more information about NAUI and our training programs, please visit https://www.naui.org/.