Welcome Nancy Guarascio as the NAUI Services Group (NSG) VP of Marketing & Communications and Executive Board Liaison!

We are thrilled to announce that Nancy Guarascio has been appointed as the NSG VP of Marketing & Communications! In addition to this pivotal role, Nancy will maintain her responsibilities as the NAUI Executive Board Liaison, continuing her significant contributions to the diving community. 


A Trailblazing Journey in Diving

Nancy’s journey in the diving world began in 1973 when she became a certified diver. Her passion for the underwater realm led her to complete her NAUI instructor training in 1980. She then served as the NAUI Branch Manager for California, Nevada, and Utah, a period during which NAUI had 5,000 instructors, less than 200 of whom were women.


Breaking Barriers and Setting Precedents

In 1985, Nancy’s expertise and dedication earned her a place on the NAUI Board of Directors. Her groundbreaking journey didn’t stop there. In 1987, she became the first woman to be elected president of the NAUI Board of Directors, making history as the only woman at that time to preside as chairman of a national diving association. Her tenure was marked by a pioneering spirit and a strong commitment to promoting and encouraging women in diving. Nancy’s vision was clear: to recognize and amplify the capabilities of women as instructors and diving leaders, and to ensure they had a significant voice in the diving community. 


A Legacy of Inclusion and Growth

By the end of her tenure as chairman in 1989, NAUI had certified over 12,000 instructors, nearly two thousand of whom were women. This was a testament to her leadership and her commitment to inclusion in the diving world. After her role on the NAUI Board of Directors, Nancy continued to teach diving, lead dive trips globally, pursue her award-winning underwater photography, and inspire others as a guest lecturer. Her bio within the Woman Divers Hall of Fame highlights her multifaceted career: Dive Industry Professional, Underwater Photographer, and Speaker. 


Today, Nancy remains an active figure in the diving community, leading dive trips and enjoying the sport she loves. As she steps into her new role at NAUI Services Group, we are confident that her vast experience, passion, and visionary leadership will usher in a new era of growth and success. 


Please join us in welcoming Nancy Guarascio to her new role. We look forward to her continued contributions and leadership in making the underwater world more accessible and inclusive for all.