Exploring NAUI Membership: Your Guide to a World of Professional Scuba Diving

The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) is globally recognized as a leader in scuba training and professional development. With a reputation for excellence, NAUI-trained Instructors and Dive Leaders are highly sought after. As a NAUI Member, you align yourself with the best in the field, gaining recognition worldwide.  


For those new to the world of dive professionals or those interested in the process, the NAUI Membership is for dive professionals of all levels and specialties. NAUI Instructors, the highest level of membership, have requirements and specific prerequisites to receive and maintain their qualification to teach NAUI courses. Those requirements include minimum yearly open water dives, participation in a variety of training or professional activities, and teaching at least one NAUI course. The other requirement is to renew their membership yearly by submitting the required application and their membership fee. This ensures they continue their education, maintain their proficiency as a diver, and can provide the highest quality of education to those they are instructing.  



The NAUI Membership includes Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Dive Masters, Skin Diving instructors, and Freediving Instructors. Each membership level requires annual membership dues and the completion of any required dives and/or courses.  




If you are ready to join the elite group of dive professionals and become a NAUI Member, the steps are as follows: 

  1. Meet Prerequisites: Ensure you meet all requirements such as age, health, prior dive training, etc. 
  2. Contact a NAUI Instructor to complete the applicable leadership level course.  
  3. Submit Membership Application with applicable membership dues. 
  4. Purchase professional liability insurance. 
  5. Beyond Membership: A World of Opportunities!


NAUI Membership is your ticket to a world of continuous learning and professional development. With advanced courses and specialty certifications, you can constantly enhance your skills and knowledge.  


NAUI is not just an organization; it is a community. Members can connect at events, online forums, and through local NAUI Dive Centers. Sharing experiences and knowledge with fellow enthusiasts adds an enriching layer to your diving journey and allows you to network with other highly trained and passionate dive professionals around the world.  


Ready to join the NAUI Family?

We invite divers of all levels to dive in, explore, and be part of our mission to promote safe and responsible diving. Visit the NAUI Website or contact your nearest NAUI Dive Center to start your adventure with us. 


Your ocean journey awaits, and NAUI is here to guide you through every bubble and wave.  #nauiworldwide #divenaui