Celebrating NAUI Instructors’ Induction into the Women Divers Hall of Fame

In a remarkable recognition of excellence and dedication, NAUI Worldwide proudly celebrates two of its distinguished instructors, Ronnie Damico and Elizabeth Kintzing, for their induction into the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) Class of 2024. This honor is a testament to their outstanding contributions to the diving community and their relentless pursuit of diving excellence.


Ronnie Damico -Instructor, Scientific Diving Officer, NAUI Board Member

Ronnie Damico, a female pioneer in the field of diving safety and leadership, has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of scientific diving. Starting her journey in 1979 as a Diving Officer at the USC Catalina Marine Science Center, Ronnie has consistently broken barriers. In 1985, she took on the role of Diving Safety Officer at California State University Long Beach, overseeing scientific diving for six campuses. As an instructor trainer, she often found herself being the only female on staff and yet continued to excel! Her tenure as a NAUI Branch Manager and her election to NAUI’s Board of Directors highlight her leadership and commitment to diving education and safety. Her contributions, particularly in instructor training, have paved the way for many divers, especially women, in this field.


Elizabeth Kintzing – Educator, Scientific Diver, and Ocean Advocate

Elizabeth Kintzing’s passion for the underwater world transformed her life. As a NAUI instructor, she has trained over a thousand students in scuba and scientific diving. Her extensive experience, including saturation diving in Aquarius, diving under Antarctic ice, and conducting research in deep coral reef environments, showcases her dedication to diving and underwater science. Her commitment to mentoring diving scientists and technicians has had a global impact, fostering a new generation of diving professionals and instructors.

Elizabeth Kintzing’s journey with NAUI has been one of unwavering dedication and passion. She is a proud and strong advocate, “for the motto ‘Dive Safety through Education’.” Her active involvement in the NAUI North Atlantic Branch Activities and NAUI IQ meetings during the late 80s and 90s allowed her to forge significant connections within the diving community. Elizabeth recalls the influence of Henry Veix, a NAUI mentor and significant figure in her career, who nominated her for the WDHOF. “Henry J. Veix was a guiding light in my journey with NAUI,” Elizabeth reflects. And now, still instructing NAUI Courses, she continues her scientific diving, which is supported by universities, AAUS and NOAA.

As a global leader in scuba diver training and certification, NAUI Worldwide takes immense pride in the achievements of Ronnie Damico and Elizabeth Kintzing. Their induction into the WDHOF not only honors their individual accomplishments but also underscores NAUI’s commitment to excellence in diving education and safety. Their journeys inspire countless divers, especially women, to pursue their passions in the underwater world.

NAUI Worldwide looks forward to supporting Ronnie and Elizabeth in their future endeavors and is confident that their contributions will continue to enrich the diving community. We celebrate their achievements and recognize their role in inspiring the next generation of divers and ocean advocates.

For more information about the Women Divers Hall of Fame, log on to www.wdhof.org.