NAUI Lifetime Membership: Seize the Moment Before It’s Gone!

The Chance to Become a NAUI Lifetime Member is Ending Soon – Act Now!

Are you ready to make a lasting impact in the diving world and enjoy a lifetime of benefits? The NAUI Lifetime Membership offers just that, but time is running out. This unique opportunity will be discontinued on December 31, 2023. Don’t let this chance slip away! 

Why Choose Lifetime Membership? 

The NAUI Lifetime Membership isn’t just a membership; it’s a lifelong commitment to the values and community that NAUI represents. Imagine never having to pay membership dues again, while also contributing to a fund that supports NAUI Worldwide and its various initiatives.   

How Does It Work? 

When you renew your membership this year, you have the chance to upgrade to Lifetime Membership. The one-time fee is age-based and is an investment in both your future and that of NAUI. Your annual dues are covered by this fund every year, and the remaining balance aids in funding NAUI Worldwide projects that benefit all members.   

Cliff Richardson, the Executive Director of NAUI Worldwide and CEO of NAUI Service Group, emphasizes, “It’s more than just membership; it’s a symbol of your lasting devotion to the Association and the underwater world we hold dear. Your Lifetime Membership is not only a testament to your dedication to responsible diving, conservation, and camaraderie, but it’s also an investment in future generations of divers.” 

Exclusive Benefits for Lifetime Members 

As a token of appreciation and recognition, Lifetime Members receive a special gold Membership Card, an exclusive Lifetime member Pin, and an “L” added to their membership number, showcasing their significant contribution to the NAUI community.   

Flexible Payment Options 

Understanding the diverse needs of its members, NAUI offers tiered pricing based on age, with a two-payment option available for members under 35. This ensures that the Lifetime Membership is accessible to a wider range of diving enthusiasts. 

How to Sign Up? 

Ready to make the leap? You can sign up for a Lifetime Membership any time before the end of the year. Simply complete and submit the Renewal Form found in CORE under Member Resources > Forms > Membership Forms > Renewal Forms. 

Don’t miss this final opportunity to be part of something bigger and enjoy a lifetime of diving adventures and camaraderie. Become a NAUI Lifetime Member today!