Updated NAUI 2024 Standards and Policies

We are happy to announce the latest Revision of our diving Standards and Policies for 2024. These updates are a testament to NAUI’s unwavering commitment to Dive Safety Through Education. Please take some time to read the NAUI Standards and Policies Manual v1.0 January 2024, before conducting any NAUI courses. Current Standards are available via NAUI Core or NAUI App under Member Resources. As usual, a record of change form is available in the standards and any changes are in red. For directions on how to access the standards, review the below presentation for a step by step guide!

The following is a brief overview of some of the most impactful changes from the updated 2024 Standards and Policies*: 

  • Revision of the Membership Review Policy in the bylaws
  • Removal of the Advanced Rescue Scuba Diver course. 
    • Any existing NES Activation Codes are being converted to Rescue Scuba Diver Codes. 
  • Modifications to the NAUI Rescue Diver Course: 
    • Prerequisites: The inclusion of BLS CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen certification as prerequisites fortifies the foundation of life-saving skills for each diver.  
    • Academic Topics: Delving deeper into critical topics such as barotrauma and decompression illness, the course provides divers for a broader understanding of diving maladies.  
    • Practical Application: Increasing open water dives from one to two allows time for the expanded skill requirements. The added skill requirements strengthen practical rescue skills in real-world conditions.  
    • Focused Training: Adjusting the maximum depth limit to 18 meters (60ft). The reduced depth ensures the course stays focused on the core value of rescue skills and reduces physiological stress on instructors and students during the course.     
  • Improvements to specialized courses: 
    • Master Scuba Diver: Added prerequisite of Rescue Scuba Diver.   
    • Adaptive Diver and Mermaiding Adjustments: Changes in instructor qualifications for these courses ensure that qualified professionals lead these specialized sessions. 
    • Technical Diving: Integration of the CCR Mixed Gas content into the existing technical mixed gas courses and revisions aligns with the newly published ISO CCR Standards. The No-deco CCR and SCR courses have been relocated to the continuing education section of the standards. No other changes were made to the CCR/SCR courses.  

*This is not a complete list, please read the currently published standards record of changes. Always fully read the standard of the course before conducting it.  

Reflecting on Our Collective Growth   

Consider how these changes can positively impact your diving experiences and instructional practices. How can you leverage these new standards to inspire and educate the next generation of divers? Let us dive into this new era, confident that NAUI Worldwide is here to support your journey in promoting Dive Safety Through Education. Stay safe and keep exploring, as we collectively embrace this exciting evolution in diving education and safety.