Congratulations to New NAUI Instructors in Brazil

NAUI Brazil welcomes four new instructors to NAUI. Course Directors Rodrigo B. Conceição # 40606 and Marco A. Martha # 32748 and the candidate for instructor trainer Frank Bastos NAUI ITW # 56303 led this Instructor Training Course in the capital city of Brasilia.

Over the last couple of weeks, the candidates, who already came from NAUI training, went through all the activities relevant to ITC NAUI. They completed the course and are now approved as new instructors of our association.

Congratulations Edmilson Santos Rocha NAUI # 60.926, Rafael Alves de Oliveira NAUI # 58.797, Sérgio Ricardo Simãozinho NAUI # 60.925, Josue Mancinelli Souto Ratola # 61132! We welcome you to the NAUI family and its mission of Dive Safety Through Education.

NAUI is maintaining its great teaching tradition in the largest country in South America.