What Do I Do Now?

OK, we are shut down TEMPORARIALY with this COVID-19 pandemic. The key word here is TEMPORARY: This thing will end.

I hear so many folks talking Gloom and Doom, pity poor me, so much negativity. It is time to get positive, folks.

I remember after 9/11 there simply was no business. I was working at Ocean Divers in Key Largo at the time. The owners and staff were moping around like they were lost. The dive industry of the Florida Keys was in a deep mental depression. We all had to go to the bank to get funds to survive. I suggested that we throw a staff party and Go Diving. We did, and it brought back some energy and positive thinking. What is happening today in Key Largo? All my friends are taking their boats out and going diving and planning for when the country gets opened.


We cannot throw that party just yet, but that will happen soon enough. Now you need to make plans on how to promote scuba diving and your business. I suggested this on Facebook and got poo-pooed a lot.

Folks, you have got to pull your head out of the sand and get to teaching. I cannot tell you how to do that in this short article, but you can certainly get ahold of me (kwheeler@naui.org, (502) 210-9110), and I will tell you my thoughts.

You can also do a staff conference call and do some brainstorming.
Talk to your sales reps or even your NAUI Regional Manager.

Why not set up a call with a wide range of dive operators and brainstorm with them. It does not matter what agency they work with. We are all in this together. Some folks in my region have done this successfully, discussing what is going on and how they are managing it. This was a multi-state call. They have continued to do this.

I know NAUI preached for over two years recommending you fully utilize DEMA’s Go Dive Now program. It costs you nothing if you are a DEMA member. They will provide with professionally produced videos that can be customized to your business, and then you buy advertising (It is very reasonably priced) and have them run the ad in the zip codes that DEMA will also provide you.

It is time to think out of your usual box and get CREATIVE.

Do not be an ostrich, pull your head out of the sand and get proactive. Oh, and do not forget to throw that party!