Technical Instructor Workshop

In the term from 8 till 10th July 2021 close to Prague, Czech Republic, we held technical workshop with NAUI instructor Cristian Irimies, NAUI # 60220, from Transilvania, Romania.


Cristian is a young diver with a rich experience with cave diving. He started his cave explorations in 2008, in the beginning with dry parts of caves in Apuseni Mountains National Park in Romania. Because he wanted go on in explorations, he decided to start with scuba diving. He took his intro level course in 2011. In 2016 he started his cave diving training. His first instructor was Dan Lupu, NAUI # 48580.


During his cave carrier he has done a lot of exploratory dives. As a cave diver he was the first to reach the distance 300metres in Huda lu Papara Cave, 200 metres in Pauleasa Cave, 600 metres (plus 7 sumps and syphons) in Humpleul Mic Cave and many more successes.


Cristian is the Chief of the Mountain Cave Rescue Team – Scuba Division in his region (Cluj county in Romania). Except Romania Cristian did a lot of dives in France, Lot and Dordogne region, with their famous caves and in the Greece. He is diving with JJ CCR and OC also.


I am sure that Cristian is qualified enough to became successful NAUI Technical Instructor and I am proud he will join us.


Petr Rehak, NAUI TIE 52010