Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation prepares for the 2023 Dagger Dive

Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation (TFDSOF) aids wounded, ill, or injured US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) members, veterans, and their families. TFDSOF responds to immediate needs, conducts Rehabilitative Adaptive Events (RAE), and provides next-generation health solutions for issues facing our service members.


As a veteran-operated nonprofit, TFDSOF understands the needs and experiences of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. Each program is designed to heal, rebuild, and strengthen the service member and their family by providing mission, purpose, and focus.


Dagger Dive is Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation’s (TFDSOF) longest-running and signature event. NAUI has been a key supporter of Dagger Dive and TFDSOF since the event’s inception over ten years ago!


Dagger Dive takes place each year in beautiful Key West, Florida where SOF service members, veterans, and their families are greeted with the incredible support of the members of the community who do so much to ensure the success of Dagger Dive!



TFDSOF sponsors activities that foster a sense of well-being, offer encouragement, and assist the service member’s rehabilitation and recovery from wounds/injuries sustained while serving our country and re-establishing the family bonds. One of our core beliefs is that if a service member is injured, the whole family is injured and must heal together.


Participating in an activity that requires focus, like diving, unites families and encourages them to work together towards a common goal. Diving is the medium that takes verbal out of the mix and creates a new way to communicate and reconnect.  Families participating in the Dagger Dive event spend multiple days learning how to dive before exploring the waters of Key West together. Training occurs each year at the US Army Special Forces – Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Trumbo Point Annex, Naval Air Station Key West. During the training, fifteen to twenty-five new NAUI Divers are certified, along with experienced divers completing refresher courses each year at Dagger Dive.


In 2023, TFDSOF will continue to support SOF service members, veterans, and their families with this unique RAE. Over 100 program participants and volunteers will be at this year’s event that takes place from June 24 – July 2! The week of learning, diving, and family-centric activities rebuilds the relationships between parents, children, and spouses, healing the whole family.


“Something unique to Dagger Dive and Task Force Dagger is that they address the family needs as well as the soldiers’ needs.”  Kristy Rooney (SOF Family Member)

After participating in Dagger Dive and becoming a certified NAUI Diver, many SOF members, veterans, and family members continue their diving journey with Task Force Dagger’s Joint Recovery Team, which NAUI also supports. The joint recovery missions in the Pacific Ocean, where TFDSOF supports Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in research and aims to recover and repatriate our fallen service members from previous wars.  If you or someone you know is interested in more information about TFDSOF, please contact:  info@taskforcedagger.org