Shark Con 2021

NAUI Worldwide attended Shark Con 2021, along with Off the Wall Adventures & Outfitters and the Scuba Gym at the Tampa fairgrounds on August 7th, 2021. This event was filled with endless education on marine conservation and shark awareness.



From wonderful kid activities to motivational/educational speakers, there was something for all who attended. Attendees had opportunities to sit in on talks from National Geographic, Shark Week, and Animal Planet. There was also so much to see from the vendors, including outdoor sporting, ocean merchandising, and more!



We enjoyed educating divers and potential divers on the importance of shark conservation and how important sharks are to our ecosystem. Divers have the potential to become a citizen scientist and can make a huge impact on the underwater world. Learn more about how you can start your diving journey today so you can help save the ocean tomorrow:



If you are an advocate or just a shark lover, this event was for you. Even for those who just enjoy watching Shark Week or Jaws, Shark Con was pure entertainment and gave great insight into sharks around the world.



If you are interested in attending next year’s Shark Con 8, visit!


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