Scuba Quest: A Leader in Diving Education and Ocean Conservation

Scuba Quest is a Florida-based NAUI-certified company with five stores in Southwest and South Florida and a warehouse in Sarasota. The new Scuba Quest Fort Myers officially opens the weekend of May 24-May 26.


Scuba Quest offers a comprehensive range of technical dive courses and open-water certifications at both locations. Spearheading these operations is Brandon Wolters, a seasoned diving professional with an impressive track record of over 25 years in the industry. His passion for diving was ignited at a young age, and he has been a dedicated diver ever since.



Brandon lives by the motto “Always teaching, always diving,” which is evident in the number of divers he certifies yearly. As of last year, Scuba Quest Cape Coral is one of the top NAUI dive shops in the country. In addition, Brandon offers cave diving certifications, a unique offering in South Florida. 



NAUI believes in academic freedom, and Brandon embraces this training ethic. Although ten is the youngest age that can be open water certified, Scuba Quest offers swimming lessons for children and has implemented a “Try SCUBA” program for children 8-10 years old. 


Scuba Quest Cape Coral started in 1994 and hired Brandon’s business, Depth Finder Scuba, to oversee the shop and its website’s management in 2018. Brandon’s Cape Coral Dive Club is an extension of Scuba Quest, and he hosts monthly meetings at the shop. He also heads up international diving trips. This year, the Cape Coral Diving Club is headed to Africa.


Brandon is deeply passionate about ocean conservation and actively teaches students about proper conservancy. As a young man, Brandon owned a dive shop in Hawaii and noticed the bleaching of the coral reef systems due to sunscreen and other man-made products. He was drawn to NAUI because of its environmental stance. They were the first scuba diving organization to issue an ecological statement, and he has been drawn to that way of life since. All newly certified instructors through Scuba Quest must watch a PowerPoint presentation about reef safety during training. 


Scuba Quest Fort Myers is sure to be a success. It is bigger than the Cape Coral location and has a larger pool. The key to their success is standing on NAUI’s stringent principles and having professionals like Brandon Wolters at the helm. Brandon jokes that he thought it was a good idea to have two children under the age of two and run two dive shops simultaneously. However, the scuba diving community is better because of passionate professionals like him.