NAUI Service Center Middle East Welcomes Yaqoub Alkandari as New Director

Riverview, FL – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Yaqoub Alkandari as the new Director of NAUI Service Center Middle East. This strategic move is set to further strengthen NAUI’s commitment to providing unparalleled education, standards, and services to the diving community in the region.

Yaqoub Alkandari brings over two decades of professional diving experience and a profound passion for marine conservation and education. His diving career began with a NAUI certification in 2001, marking the start of a significant journey in the diving industry. Over the years, Alkandari has advanced his skills through both civilian and military diving and rescue operations and training courses, achieving numerous leadership certifications and contributing profoundly to the diving community.

His tenure with the Kuwait Coast Guard since 2007 and his education in Marine Science from Britannia Royal Naval College and Plymouth University have equipped him with unique insights and expertise in maritime safety and operations. In his recent role at Alboom Marine, Alkandari has demonstrated his ability to lead and inspire, emphasizing the importance of safety and advanced training in diving.

Angelo Fiore, Vice President of Global Sales for NAUI, expressed his enthusiasm for Alkandari’s appointment, stating, “Yaqoub’s extensive background in diving and marine operations, coupled with his leadership within the Kuwait Coast Guard and Alboom Marine, positions him perfectly to lead our efforts in the Middle East. We are excited about the direction and growth he will bring to our team and the broader diving community.”

About Alboom Marine

Alboom Marine has established itself as a leading provider of marine services, including maintenance, repair, and the supply of genuine spare parts. Known for its commitment to quality and efficiency, Alboom Marine supports the needs of the maritime and diving industries across the Middle East. Their services ensure optimal performance and safety of marine operations, contributing significantly to the region’s marine ecosystem.

We are confident that Yaqoub Alkandari’s leadership will enhance the strategic initiatives of NAUI in the Middle East, promoting safe and responsible diving practices across the board. His role will include overseeing the development and implementation of innovative training programs and strengthening community engagement throughout the region.

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