NAUI Seminar & Dive Talk Descriptions for DEMA 2023

NAUI is proud to announce our DEMA 2023 seminars and workshops! Come out and enjoy an interactive experience, full of the latest innovations in diving technologies, while reinforcing your dive skills with transformative insights. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to expand your skills, enhance your understanding, and celebrate the multifaceted world of underwater exploration. For the official schedule, visit

Quintin de Boer


NAUI App – Quintin de Boer

Get the inside scoop on all the new cutting-edge changes and features in the NAUI application and how to use them. Includes an interactive walk-through to get first-hand experience of the transformative changes within the comprehensive app. Download now via Apple or Google Play.

For the official schedule, visit

David Caldwell






Tech Diving – David Caldwell

Hear from NAUI Northeastern Representative and technical diving expert, David Caldwell, on how to integrate NAUI’s Technical diving programs into your catalog of courses. 

The NAUI Technical diving programs are designed to enable instructors to create multi-environment capable divers using team and mission-based NTEC equipment configurations. To mitigate the risks of technical diving and facilitate exploring beyond the recreational diving limits. For the official schedule, visit




Kris Shannon

Applying Standards to NAUI Courses – Kris Shannon

Join us for an illuminating seminar and interactive in-booth presentations designed to transform your perspective on standards, turning perceived limitations into opportunities for enhancement of your course offerings. Instead of viewing standards as constraints, learn to navigate them effectively to optimize your training programs, ensuring they exceed benchmarks without compromising safety or quality. This seminar will unlock the full potential of the NAUI Standards and Policies, underscoring the importance of thorough understanding to apply it strategically. Whether you’re an instructor seeking innovative ways to expand your courses, or a dive center looking to improve your training curriculum, this seminar and interactive in-booth presentations are sure to provide you with fresh insights and practical tools to excel within NAUI’s framework of standards.

For the official schedule, visit

Shelli Wright


DAN Liability Insurance – Shelli Wright

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) Liability Insurance seminar aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the essential insurance solutions that safeguard diving professionals against potential liabilities in the field. Led by Shelli Wright, the seminar will cover topics such as the scope of coverage, claim scenarios, and risk mitigation strategies. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how DAN Liability Insurance offers tailored protection for diving instructors, divemasters, and dive operators, helping to secure not only their financial investment but also their professional reputation in this specialized industry. This seminar is a must-attend for those keen on fortifying their professional practice while enhancing safety standards. For the official schedule, visit

Ray Reneau




NAUI Armed Forces Programs – Ray Reneau

Join our seminar and in-booth interactive sessions to gain comprehensive knowledge on leveraging the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program and the GI Bill® reimbursement program. Since NAUI authorization on June 1, 2021, by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, NAUI has been a proud participant in the SkillBridge program, enabling U.S. service members to maintain their military pay and benefits while gaining practical experience at one of our approved VA Testing Centers before leaving their military service. Additionally, service members can utilize their G.I. Bill® benefits during this tenure to fully fund their training and certification as a NAUI Dive Professional. Successful completion of the NAUI SkillBridge program offers direct access to over 5,000 job opportunities within our network. As of May 2023, we have successfully placed 1,478 service members across our 70 approved testing centers, with another 274 approved candidates awaiting their commencement date. Moreover, we have over 3,000 applications pending command approval, all set to embark on their NAUI journey once approved. For the official schedule, visit

Mike Sieverman



Public Safety Diving Programs – Mike Sieverman

Public Safety Divers are often called upon to perform tasks in less-than-ideal conditions, such as zero-visibility, overhead environments, and other difficult situations. Due to the increased risks and potential for liability associated with Public Safety Diving (PSD), the need to address potential shortcomings and monitor who can teach PSD has become much more prevalent. Instructors must meet strict criteria, be experienced, and have current operational knowledge in the complex, demanding role as a Public Safety Diver. These seminars and in-booth interactive presentations will provide in-depth information on updates to standards associated with the NAUI Public Safety Diver Course(s) and the strict criteria that instructors must uphold for this demanding role. For the official schedule, visit



Small Business Three-Part Series – David Winford

  • David Winford

    Establishing Marketing Domination: Learn about powerful insights into generating all the new leads you can handle without spending a dime extra on your marketing.

If you’ve been looking for a simple, proven, and tested step-by-step method for generating more leads for your small business; then you’re going to want to attend this seminar. 

  • How to Win the Profit Game: How would you like a simple, proven, and tested way you can double your profits with little time, effort, or expense on your part? In fact, what if you had a proven formula that will create massive exponential growth for your business…starting immediately? 

Learn the formula that will absolutely change your business and life.  Help your organization:

  • Improve Performance 
  • Capitalize on Change 
  • Increase Profit 
  • Move out of the “Box” 
  • Get the Results You Want 
  • World Class Entrepreneur: What does it take to be a World Class Entrepreneur? This seminar will guide you down a road map for leaders that will help you maximize your potential as a leader in the diving industry and the steps to being a world-class entrepreneur. 

For the official schedule, visit


Cliff Richardson & Wong Kokyew

Charting NAUI’s Future with the CEO and BOD Chair (NAUI Members Only)

NAUI Members can join us for this exclusive seminar which will provide a unique opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on the strategic direction of NAUI. Hear directly from the CEO and the Chair of the Board of Directors as they share their insights and plans for the future. This seminar will provide valuable insights into the outlook of the NAUI organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with leaders and like-minded peers, and to influence the course of NAUI’s future. For the official schedule, visit



Terrence Tysall

Instructing NAUI Dive Planning – Terrence Tysall

The NAUI Dive Planning ODIGTML seminar is designed to teach participants the essential skills and knowledge needed for planning safe and enjoyable scuba diving experiences. During this seminar, participants will acquire vital knowledge about the NAUI dive planning process, which includes the use of the ODIGTML acronym as a mnemonic device for remembering the critical steps involved in dive planning. 

The seminar will dive into how to assess dive conditions, evaluate dive sites, plan dives using the ODIGTML method, and create contingency plans for unexpected situations.  

Throughout the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to practice dive planning scenarios and receive feedback from an experienced NAUI Training Department Instructor. By the end of the seminar, participants will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to plan and execute safe and enjoyable scuba diving experiences, both independently and with a team. For the official schedule, visit


Nicole Grinnan


Heritage Awareness Diving Seminar (HADS) – Nicole Grinnan

The Heritage Awareness Diving Seminar will delve into the advantages of conserving shipwrecks and other submerged cultural resources, not only to preserve information about our collective past, but also to preserve the vibrant ecosystems that grow around historic shipwrecks. HADS focuses on providing scuba training agency Course Directors, Instructor Trainers, and Instructors with a greater knowledge of how to proactively protect shipwrecks, artificial reefs, and other underwater cultural sites as part of the marine environment.  Whether you’re a diving instructor interested in conservation or a diving enthusiast passionate about maritime heritage, this seminar will inspire you to become a steward of our submerged past. For the official schedule, visit




Annual General Meeting/Members Update and Awards (NAUI Members Only) 

Members will enjoy camaraderie with colleagues and friends as we celebrate and recognize this year’s NAUI Award recipients. The NAUI Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting will include topics of interest to members. For the official schedule, visit


Tec Clark

Defining Skill Mastery – Guest Speaker – Tec Clark

All dive training agencies must follow a core set of skills dictated by the Recreational Scuba Training Council.  Yet students taught these skills can be wildly different in their proficiency from agency to agency and instructor to instructor.  This is because instructors’ definitions of SKILL MASTERY are radically different.  In this presentation, Tec Clark (NAUI #10362L) breaks down the elements of skill mastery.  Participants will see video examples of both mastery and non-mastery of various underwater skills.  Participants will also learn techniques to help develop skill mastery and to ensure mastery has taken place. For the official schedule, visit


NAUI Course Director Meeting (Must be an Active CD/CDT to Attend) 

NAUI Course Directors and Course Director Trainers join us for an engaging information session and informal discussion of NAUI leadership training.  Come and find out what’s new and where we are going as an organization! For the official schedule, visit


NAUI Mobile Training Team – Terrence Tysall

Join us for engaging in-booth interactive presentations on the NAUI Mobile Training Team. These presentations offer a deep dive into the innovative mobile training initiative that brings world-class scuba diving instruction to your doorstep. Gain exclusive insights into how the team operates, the technologies employed, and the scope of courses offered. Whether you’re an existing diving instructor looking to expand your skills or a diving enthusiast eager to learn more, this seminar provides invaluable insights into the future of accessible, flexible, and high-quality underwater training. Get your questions answered and explore the possibility of participating or collaborating with the NAUI Mobile Training Team. For the official schedule, visit



Mark Criasia

North East Leadership Conference Recap – Mark Criasia

Join us for a key dive talk led by Mark Criasia, a seasoned NAUI Course Director, as he recaps the milestones and insights gathered from the North East Leadership Conference. This month-long event, sponsored by NAUI, marks a resurgent commitment to sponsoring regional divemaster and instructor workshops. Designed to facilitate both virtual and in-person training, the conference is a part of NAUI’s broader initiative to galvanize members in the Northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada. Held in multiple locations, including Douglas State Park in Massachusetts and Humber Bay Park in West Toronto, the conference offered comprehensive courses ranging from Divemaster and Instructor Crossovers to Instructor Trainer and Course Director Workshops. Don’t miss this opportunity to get an in-depth review of the program’s outcomes and its impact on diving education and community building. Mark will delve into the successes and learnings from the conference, laying the groundwork for what promises to be an exciting future for NAUI’s educational endeavors. For the official schedule, visit


The NAUI Difference – Terrence Tysall

Experience the unique attributes of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) through interactive in-booth presentations highlighting the “NAUI difference”. These sessions provide an immersive insight into what sets NAUI apart from other dive education organizations. Engage with interactive discussions that highlight NAUI’s unique approach to dive training, their commitment to safety, and their unwavering dedication to environmental conservation. Learn about their globally recognized certification standards, pioneering dive courses, and innovative teaching methodologies. If you’re a diving professional, enthusiast, or someone interested in getting started with scuba, these in-booth presentations will offer a hands-on understanding of why NAUI stands out in the diving world. For the official schedule, visit

Static Breath Hold – Kris Shannon

Learn about what it takes to be a NAUI Freediving professional. Learn how you can add freediving to the course offerings you have as a NAUI Leader or Affiliate. In addition to learning about the NAUI Freediving Program, you will have the chance to learn about alternative equalization methods and an opportunity to give static breath holding a try.  Think you cannot hold your breath more than a few seconds?… We can change that! For the official schedule, visit

NAUI Technical Equipment Configuration (NTEC) – David Caldwell

Join us for an engaging in-booth interactive presentation on the NAUI Technical Equipment Configuration (NTEC). Learn firsthand about this cornerstone of NAUI’s technical diver training. NTEC exemplifies safety, uniformity, and functionality in gear configurations, ensuring consistency in water work and training exercises between instructors and students. This seminar will provide information into the concept, demonstrating how it promotes a safe diving environment and nurtures a team mentality. Learn how NTEC contributes to the world-class safety standards that set NAUI apart. Whether you’re an aspiring technical diver, a professional seeking to elevate your safety practices, or an enthusiast interested in understanding behind-the-scenes operations, this presentation promises to be informative and insightful.  For the official schedule, visit

Patti Kirk Gross


Women in Diving – Patti Kirk Gross

Join us for an enlightening in-booth presentation by Patti Kirk Gross, an esteemed member of the Women’s Diver Hall of Fame, as she shares inspiring stories and insights on women in diving. This presentation provides a unique opportunity to hear from a pioneer who has significantly contributed to reshaping the landscape of diving for women. Patti will delve into the historical and contemporary role of women in diving, shedding light on the triumphs, challenges, and the ongoing journey towards equality in this exhilarating field. Whether you’re a female diver seeking inspiration, an industry professional, or simply someone interested in the empowering narrative of women in sports, Patti’s presentation promises to be an enriching experience. For the official schedule, visit