NAUI & NSG Welcomes Cliff Richardson

Cliff Richardson is a visionary leader and accomplished professional, bringing an impressive wealth of experience and expertise to his role as the Executive Director and CEO of NAUI Worldwide and the NAUI Services Group. With a proven track record in driving organizational growth, fostering innovation, and cultivating strong industry partnerships, Cliff is poised to lead these organizations to new heights in the global diving community.


Background and Education
Cliff has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of West Florida. Cliff holds a Lifetime Membership with NAUI as an Instructor. Complementing his formal education, he possesses an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a keen ability to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the diving industry.


Professional Journey
With over two decades of experience in both the public and private sec tors Cliff has risen through the ranks, making a significant impact in various leadership roles. His tenure has included pivotal positions in reputable organizations, where he showcased an innate ability to transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Cliff is a retired member of the United States Army where he served with the nation’s elite Special Forces Regiment.


Throughout his career, Cliff has spearheaded strategic initiatives that resulted in substantial market expansion and revenue growth. Cliff is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal with “V” device among many other military awards and decorations.  He was featured in the CNN documentary “Legion of Brothers”. His customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence have earned him accolades from clients, stakeholders, and industry peers alike.


Leadership Philosophy
As a visionary leader, Cliff believes in empowering his team members to unleash their full potential and innovate freely. His inclusive leadership style fosters a culture of collaboration, encouraging diverse perspectives and ideas to flourish, ultimately leading to groundbreaking solutions.


Commitment to Environmental Stewardship
Beyond business achievements, Cliff is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable practices within the diving industry. Under his guidance, NAUI Worldwide and the NAUI Services Group will continue to prioritize conservation efforts and support initiatives that protect our oceans and marine ecosystems.


Future Outlook
In his capacity as the Executive Director and CEO, Cliff Richardson is driven by a profound passion for the diving community’s growth and advancement. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and trends, he envisions positioning NAUI Worldwide and the NAUI Services Group as pioneers in the industry, setting the standard for safety, education, and innovation.


About NAUI Worldwide and the NAUI Services Group
NAUI Worldwide is a globally recognized diving association, renowned for its commitment to quality diver education, safety, and community engagement. Alongside its complementary entity, the NAUI Services Group, the organizations collectively foster an environment of inclusivity and excellence, supporting both seasoned divers and newcomers on their underwater adventures.


Cliff Richardson’s appointment as the Executive Director and CEO marks a pivotal moment for NAUI Worldwide and the NAUI Services Group, as they embark on an exciting journey toward further enriching the diving experience and making a lasting positive impact on the world’s aquatic realm.


Connect with Cliff
Feel free to Connect with Cliff Richardson on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest developments, industry insights, and thought leadership in the diving community.