NAUI Brazil Members Participate in Online COVID-19 Meeting

The NAUI office in Brazil organized a meeting with NAUI members on April 17 to explore post-pandemic return.

Alvanir “Jornada” Oliveira of NAUI Mercosul held a virtual meeting with NAUI members to provide guidelines for quarantine and post-quarantine time due to the impositions made by governments related to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was held using the GoToMeeting platform.

The title of the presentation was “Times of Reflection, for a stronger return after the pandemic.” Nearly 140 scuba instructors, divemasters, and free diving instructors from Brazil and neighboring countries attended and received words of support, motivation, and suggestions to help promote a stronger post-pandemic return and recovery.

Topics of the meeting included the situation of the international and national diving market, suggested activities for the quarantine, the publication of the NAUI 2020 Standards and Policies, NAUITEC in Brazil, the updates of the NAUI CORE system and its interactions with the NAUI Brazil system, and the plans and prospects for the 24th International Meeting of NAUI Mercosul Instructors, confirmed for August 2020.

Many suggestions for the use of digital media were presented, and immediately NAUI instructors began to move, forming partnerships between themselves and with operators and other activities aiming at a stronger post-crisis return.

Their forward-looking motivation came from the origin of their training, combined with the proud tradition of NAUI focused on the safety of diving through education, and everyone remembering their personal roles in promoting the diving industry.