NAUI BOD Chairman’s Report

We are entering the final quarter of an exciting year for our organization. It is DEMA time, election time, and time to make plans for next year — and of course, that will be our 60th Anniversary.

The election of our Board of Directors is a significant feature of NAUI that separates us from all the other training agencies. As a membership association we decide each year who will be the new members of the leadership team that helps us grow and get better into the future. It is not just a right that you have as a member; it is also a responsibility. Please do not shirk this duty. Read the election information ( and make a responsible choice, then VOTE. Five of your fellow members have stepped forward and said “I want to serve NAUI.” Show them the respect of making an informed decision and participate in the election process. Complacency is an enemy that we cannot afford if we want to survive and thrive in our industry, and technology takes gigantic leaps forward. We can be a strong industry player only if we all take part in our future.

The DEMA show in Orlando, Florida, (November 13-16) promises to provide an opportunity to reconnect, make new friends, and take advantage of many educational programs. Check the schedule online and support the NAUI programs. Be sure and visit the NAUI booth (# 1642) and check out current and future plans. Visit with our NAUI field representatives, bring your questions and comments to Board Members, and most importantly meet the HQ staff. They work all year long to make things happen for all of us, and this will be a great time to meet in person.

Next year is our 60th Anniversary! DEMA will be a kick off for that yearlong celebration. Help us kick off our milestone year by attending the NAUI social event at the Pirate Dinner Theatre. This year’s event will also feature auctions and raffles to benefit the NAUI Green Diver program.

NAUI Service Centers around the world are already making plans to celebrate the year too and get as many members together as possible in all areas of the world. Check the schedule with your territory representative and plan a getaway to celebrate with your friends. The climax of our yearlong celebration will be in New Orleans at the 2020 DEMA show. What better way to celebrate the dive industry gathering in New Orleans than to celebrate NAUI? Our members serve throughout the diving industry, including in many other training agencies, and we will celebrate not only NAUI but the history of scuba diving.

If all the above is not enough to get you fired up about the future of NAUI, you now have the opportunity for first time in over 20 years to become a NAUI Lifetime Member. Check out the details and make the commitment for yourself and for NAUI. Look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando. Go NAUI!