NAUI Asia Pacific Hosts Back-to-Back Qualification Workshops

William Tong, NAUI Training Director for NAUI Asia Pacific, conducted a Course Director/Instructor Trainer Requalification Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 5.

NAUI Members came from all over our Asia Pacific territory: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea were in attendance. It was a great opportunity for NAUI leaders from, all over to meet and get to know one another — and also have a good time.

The CD/IT Workshop was followed on October 6 by a NAUI powered by DAN First Aid Instructor and First Aid Instructor Trainer Workshop, which brought together over a dozen NAUI Leaders.

And as a result of the First Aid workshop, William Tong is now certified as a NAUI First Aid Examiner and is now authorized to conduct the First Aid Instructor Trainer Workshop in Asia Pacific. William Tong is now planning future workshops to spread the NAUI powered by DAN First Aid program. For details contact William Tong at