NAUI Announces Revised Waiver Releases for Immediate Use

July 7, 2023


Riverview, Florida – NAUI Worldwide, a leading provider of diver training and certification, has announced immediate availability of its newly revised waiver and release forms. The updated forms are part of NAUI’s continual commitment to providing quality services to their clientele worldwide.


These revamped waivers are designed to support the additional course offerings that NAUI has incorporated since the last revision, streamlining their usage to cover all courses except for Technical Diving Courses which have their own waiver and release.


“The updated forms allow us to more accurately and comprehensively cater to the needs of our wide range of course offerings,” stated a NAUI spokesperson. “We’ve split the waivers into two specific categories – one intended for Technical Diving Courses and the other for all other NAUI courses.”


With a diverse audience, NAUI acknowledges the need for multilingual support. To this end, the organization has made these updated waivers available in nine languages: Arabic, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. This will undoubtedly enhance accessibility and comprehension for NAUI’s international clientele. Additional languages are planned for future release.


To guide its members, NAUI has developed a set of procedures to facilitate the correct usage of these waivers. These steps include reviewing the revised waiver and release administration procedures, visiting NAUI CORE to download a copy of the updated 2023 waivers, and refraining from using any legacy waivers after July 7, 2023. NAUI emphasizes the importance of using the most current waivers available from its core member resources to ensure intended legal protections.


Additionally, NAUI encourages its members to view the Risk Awareness Video available at Closed caption translations are currently being planned, further enhancing the videos accessibility.


The organization has also clarified the application of the two different waivers. The Recreational Waiver is applicable for a broad spectrum of courses, from Entry Level diver courses to First Aid Courses, Specialty Courses, and even when guiding or leading recreational dives. On the other hand, both the Recreational and Technical Waiver are to be used when conducting any Technical Diving Courses or Leadership Courses, or when leading or guiding technical dives.


As part of the roll-out, NAUI has also released a detailed video to aid members in understanding the various aspects of the updated waivers and release procedures.


The NAUI team remains committed to ensuring safety, legal protection, and an overall improved experience for their members. As such, A NAUI waiver and release should be completed by participants anytime you are working as a professional, leading divers or conducting any course. This includes first aid and other non-diving courses.


NAUI Worldwide’s dedication to safety, education, and member protection remains at the forefront of their operations. Their continuous refinement of practices, stringent safety protocols, and relentless emphasis on comprehensive dive education reflect a robust commitment to its members. This unwavering focus ensures that NAUI Worldwide stands as a beacon of reliability, innovation, and safety in the diving world, offering a secure and enriching environment for divers across the globe.


Access the new waiver releases at: