Green Fins Initiative for Positive Change

For those of us connected with the ocean through work or leisure, each year is a roller coaster of emotions, especially when the news is full of doom and gloom. The seas are getting more acidic, environmental protection laws are being repealed and the ever-growing amount of plastic is infecting every part of our oceans, to name but a few.

Conceived by the UN Environment Green Economy Programme and internationally coordinated by The Reef-World Foundation, the Green Fins initiative leverages the passion the diving industry has for the oceans for positive change. Green Fins helps dive and snorkel operator members find pragmatic solutions to local environmental threats.

In 2018, Reef-World released the Green Fins International Year of the Reef campaign. Sources magazine is a campaign supporter, contributing and endorsing the aim of the campaign: to cultivate a positive behavior change within the diving community that will benefit coral reefs.

Whether you have a direct connection with the reefs as a diver, dive guide or instructor, or are a couple of steps away from the sea as a training agency or dive equipment manufacturer, you can make a difference.

As dive professionals, you have the power to teach, train and guide a new generation of sustainable divers. Take a look at the#RedefineTheDive infographic! Find it also on the Green Fins website and social media so you can share, print, post, hashtag. |