Forever Improving the Diver – Chapter 2


As we continue our journey exploring ‘Forever Improving the Diver’, our focus this edition features benefits of NAUI Leadership you may not find in other agencies. It’s the hope to draw as much contrast as possible of what makes NAUI unique and a better choice for anyone interested in leadership training.


When it comes to leadership, for over 60 years NAUI has been a proven stalwart, shaping and evolving the Scuba Diving Industry; not just in title or position, but rather as a selfless organization given positive attitude and effort influencing others to do the same.


NAUI leadership training is challenging, very rewarding, and unique in the diving industry. Because we focus on training teachers that will have skills and knowledge to be very effective Leaders, Educators and Public Speakers. NAUI leaders have stated that the training they received from NAUI leadership courses, benefited them in many ways in industries other than diving.


One of the greatest benefits of NAUI Leadership training is academic freedom and learning how to develop lesson plans without relying on a “canned” program created by someone else. NAUI leaders are authorized and taught how to create their own lesson plans and training programs.


So, where do you want to begin with the leadership training?  Certainly, you’ll conduct a NAUI Master Diver Courses, Specialty Courses and Rescue. But you should consider public speaking and classroom teaching workshops where participants develop their public speaking and teaching skills.


Glossophobia is the medical term for the fear of public speaking. It affects up to 40% of the population. Those affected, speaking in front of a groups can trigger feelings of discomfort and anxiety. These feelings can be mild or severe. With this can come uncontrollable trembling, sweating and a racing heartbeat. Some may have an overwhelming urge to run out of the room or away from the situation that is causing the stress.


We see leadership candidates that are very comfortable standing up in front of a group and speaking. These candidates/students still need a bit of fine-tuning with mannerisms, such as:

  • eye contact
  • position of hands and arms
  • moving about side-to-side, and up and back
  • using notes but not reading the notes
  • voice inflections and projection
  • pausing rather than using non-words (you know – ah)
  • avoid speaking when looking at a screen or white board or chart
  • and other mannerisms that distract from the presentation.


We’ve also seen leadership candidates that were so stressed that they had to go to the bathroom and throw up before their turn at the podium. Some candidates may need a lot of help to conquer that phobia. Starting your students off with presenting topics that are more familiar, is a strategy that helps them relax and develop their classroom teaching skills. If you have a candidate that works in a clothing store, have them do a presentation on selecting clothing. If you have an auto mechanic, task them with teaching the difference between a carburetor and fuel injection.


Public speaking and classroom teaching workshops can be offered to anyone, not just your NAUI leadership candidates. Opportunities exist attracting candidates through your local chamber of commerce or other business organizations. You may only have one or two NAUI Leadership candidates, but you can add a few more individuals to the workshops, charging a reasonable fee for the training. This also brings more awareness of your diving business, and you may recruit some students, or at least get some referrals. It will result in a larger group for the students, which is much better for developing public speaking skills.


Being a skilled public speaker is an asset for anyone that is planning to be in a leadership position in any job or organization.  It’s also unique to NAUI in the diver training associations.


Hopefully this article provided some useful insight and value of NAUI Leadership Courses – As we move forward with this series of ‘Forever Improving the Diver’ I would encourage you to provide your tips to and/or


I look forward to seeing you all out on the water.


Angelo Fiore,
NAUI VP Sales & Marketing

Let’s Keep Grinding Forward