Diving Into Excellence: The MTT Technical Instructor Workshop at Waterfront Diving Center

When you look at Lake Champlain, the sixth largest body of water in the United States, it’s not hard to see why it has captured the hearts and imaginations of people for centuries. This majestic lake, with a history rooted in commerce and adventure, is also home to one of the most respected diving centers in the region – Waterfront Diving (WFD).


Celebrating over three decades of affiliation with the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), WFD has been at the forefront of diving education and service, offering credited NAUI training programs to students of the nearby colleges. Its location in Burlington, Vermont—a vibrant college town buzzing with the energy of its scholarly population—has positioned it as the prime go-to for those interested in exploring the depths of the waters.


Lake Champlain, stretching over a hundred miles from Burlington, VT to New York, was a bustling commerce lake from the 1700s through to the early 1900s. Its waters have been traversed by a myriad of vessels, from horse-drawn and sail canal boats to steamships, many of which now rest beneath its surface.


The lake, peppered with hundreds of these submerged remnants, has transformed into an archaeological treasure chest and a haven for recreational wreck divers.


Despite the challenges posed by the lake’s depths and cold water, technical diving makes it possible to explore this underwater historical preserve.


On May 9th to 12th, 2023, WFD hosted the MTT Tech Workshop—a comprehensive program that included academic training, equipment reviewing land-drills, developing procedures for Backmount and Sidemount diving open circuit configurations, and in-water training and evaluations. This rigorous course demanded full participation from its candidate and required him to achieve passing scores across all areas.  The technical examiners were David Caldwell (#42994) and Heison Chak (#59648).


The workshop candidate was Krieg Pinkham, a staff instructor at WFD who is poised to step into one of the principal positions as part of WFD’s succession plan. Pinkham, currently the Executive Director of a non-profit youth services bureau that he will be stepping down fromto focus on WFD as the original owners transition into retirement.

Pinkham’s aptitude and originality have been highly praised by his peers.


His exceptional performance during the MTT Workshop has been recognized, earning him the NAUI Technical Instructor Designation for both Backmount and Sidemont Introduction to Technical Diving.


The continued success of WFD and its dedicated staff is a testament to the enduring appeal of Lake Champlain’s rich underwater heritage and the ever-present thirst for knowledge and exploration that drives its divers.


As it sails into the future, WFD remains a beacon of excellence in diving education and a cherished part of the Burlington community. If you would like to reach Waterfront Diving Center in Burlington, Vermont please visit their website at:  https://waterfrontdiving.com


Photo Credits: David Caldwell