Dive Spotlight Captain Hooks: Spearheading Underwater Adventures and Marine Conservation

For over six decades, Captain Hooks has remained a stalwart presence in the Florida Keys, with its operational outlets conveniently located in Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West. As an indispensable resource for families seeking maritime adventure, the organization offers a multitude of sea-related activities from scuba diving and snorkeling to mermaid training, fishing charters, and scenic sunset cruises, ensuring there’s an experience to match every interest.



In 2019, the company broadened their sphere of influence by opening a new outlet, Dive Key West, catering to a diversified consumer base inclusive of the US military. In an inspired move, a specialized division named MTAC (Medical Training in Austere Conditions) was established to offer scuba, water rescue, and dive medicine training to students and medical professionals.




The collaboration with the US military is a source of immense pride for Captain Hooks, complementing their commitment to serving active military personnel and veterans. To show their gratitude and share the marine wonders, they provide complimentary snorkeling and diving experiences to veterans and their families across all their locations. Operation Dive, a collaborative initiative with nearby military installations, offers a free introductory scuba program for service members and their families, forging a symbiotic relationship between them and the diving industry.


Moreover, Captain Hooks has endorsed the NAUI and DOD SkillBridge Program, aimed at easing the transition of active-duty service members into civilian life. They provide extensive professional-level training, empowering participants to carve out careers as diving instructors in one of the globe’s most revered diving destinations. SkillBridge participants have the unique opportunity to work at all three Captain Hooks locations, gaining valuable experience and immersing themselves in the industry. Their dive boats and marina foster some of the best on-the-job training and provide SkillBridge participants with a unique, ever-changing experience to fully understand what it takes to work in the dive industry.


Recognizing the financial hurdles that participants often encounter, Captain Hooks offers affordable accommodation for up to four service members in the heart of the Keys. A facility initially intended for pool access has been repurposed into a residence, allowing participants to concentrate on their transition and training without the stress of housing expenses.



SkillBridge participants have had remarkable experiences, such as a chance to interact with industry leaders from the Georgia Aquarium and participate in planting over 800 pieces of coral in the Big Pines Coral Nursery. Captain Hooks’ partnership with Task Force Dagger provides an exceptional opportunity to dive and train with the Special Forces Underwater Operations School team.


Captain Hooks also offers a large assortment of recreational dive courses such as “The Discover Scuba Program”, one of their signature offerings, enables novices to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of underwater exploration within the span of a single day. Participants are granted the opportunity to survey some of the planet’s most mesmerizing reef systems, thereby engendering a profound sense of respect for the marine environment and bolstering ongoing conservation endeavors.



The innovative spirit of Captain Hooks hasn’t diminished over time, as evidenced by their recently inaugurated Dive travel program. Customers can now embark on global aquatic adventures, the inaugural journey leading to Cozumel, Mexico, the home of the world’s second-largest barrier reef.


Through their unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences and robust support to their clientele and the broader diving community, Captain Hooks continues to establish a high standard in the industry. The staff’s proficiency in diving matters, combined with their passion for marine life and oceanic preservation, fuels a range of programs and initiatives designed to cultivate marine appreciation, promote conservation, and facilitate the transition of military service members.



For additional information or to book your next maritime adventure with Captain Hooks, please visit their website at www.captainhooks.com.



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