Cozumel Dive Shop Makes Waves as a NAUI Platinum Pro Dive Center and NEW NAUI VA Testing Center

COZUMEL, Mexico — Tucked into the tropical oasis of Cozumel, a quaint dive shop has made significant strides in the world of professional diving. Owned by Adolfo Sanguino Cisneros, an expert Instructor with two decades of experience, the “Best Dive Cozumel” dive center is making waves not only as a newly minted NAUI Platinum Pro Dive Center they have officially become a Veterans Administration NAUI VA Testing Center. The local enterprise is leading the way in expanding opportunities for both recreational and professional divers.


The NAUI Platinum Pro Dive Center recognition comes after a stringent evaluation process and solidifies the shop’s place among elite global diving educators. The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) grants the title only to those establishments that display superior standards of diver training and certification, a recognition that Sanguino Cisneros and his team take immense pride in.


Adolfo Sanguino Cisneros, a Federal Naturalist guide since 2018, is not just an expert Instructor; he is also an environmental steward. He seeks to use diving as a conduit for spreading awareness of human impacts on the environment and the urgent need for its protection.


This dual focus on safety and eco-consciousness is a trademark of Best Dive Cozumel, setting it apart in a competitive industry.


The ethos of Best Dive Cozumel is underpinned by a philosophy of “keep it small and simple” (KISS), allowing for an intimate, personalized approach to diver training and experiences. Each guest’s dive history, comfort level, and personal goals are central to the operation, ensuring an exceptional diving experience for all.


In an exciting development for American service members, Best Dive Cozumel has officially become a NAUI VA Testing Center. This means that U.S. veterans can use their G.I. Bill® benefits to cover the costs of scuba certifications and licenses, offering them an opportunity to transition from serving their country on land to exploring its oceans and entering the dive industry. The programs are designed by veterans, for veterans, and range from beginner to professional diving courses. U.S. Service members can gain their certification in scuba diving and even progress to become a NAUI dive professional all paid for by their G.I. Bill® benefits.


This partnership with the VA is unique and reflects Best Dive Cozumel’s commitment to offering its exceptional diving education to a broader demographic. U.S. Service members who qualify for the G.I. Bill® can now embark on a journey from novice to professional diver, all under the experienced guidance of the team at Best Dive Cozumel.  By becoming a NAUI VA Testing Center, Best Dive Cozumel is embracing a new era of inclusive professional diving.


The shop continues to push boundaries in the industry and firmly establishes itself as a leader in diving education.


Diving enthusiasts, environmental stewards, and U.S. veterans alike will find an exceptional experience at Best Dive Cozumel. In the heart of Mexico, beneath the waves, they’ll encounter a dive shop that is dedicated to more than just the sport — it’s about safety, sustainability, and sharing the underwater world with all who seek to explore it.







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